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happy shoppersNowadays, there are many offline stores that offer the same products. This makes business competition tighter. If you don’t offer value added, shoppers might feel unhappy to shop at your store, so you can have low sales rate continuously. To avoid getting this problem, make your customers happy. How? Offer special offers or discounts on weekends. Besides, follow several tips below:

Have a comfortable and clean store

In spite of offering high quality products with reasonable and affordable prices, you can still lose your shoppers if your store looks untidy and dirty. Realize that customers also need comfort when shopping. Therefore, have a comfortable and clean store by painting the wall with fresh colors, installing tile flooring and air conditioner, putting some ornamental plans and decorative lamps, and providing some trashcans. If you have a big store, put some long chairs in each corner so customers can sit and take a rest when feeling tired.

Provide products with various options

What do you feel if you want to buy a casual t-shirt but store does not provide size that matches with you? You might feel disappointed, especially if you are really interested in having that product. Because of this, to avoid disappointing your shoppers, provide products with various sizes, colors, and styles. By doing this, you can fulfill customers’ desire and need well.

Use credit card reader

Avoid accepting cash payment only because not all shoppers like bringing cash. They usually use credit card to do transactions. If you don’t want to make them cancel their orders, use trusted credit card reader, like PayAnywhere that is compatible with smartphone and tablet. By using PayAnywhere, you can ease customers to pay you via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards. Besides, you can save some money because this reader just takes 2.69% per swipe.

Hopefully, by following these tips, your shoppers will never feel lazy to shop at your store. Good luck. :)

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