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business problemGetting stuck in low sales rate is a common business problem that can happen anytime. Unfortunately, when dealing with this problem, most business owners give up and stop running their business. If you are an online business owner who is trapped in same situation, what should you do to protect your online business?

Actually, there are many things that you can do, such as:

Improve your website

Pay attention to your website. If your site looks bad, load slowly, and have out of date contents, you have to improve your site soon. How? Follow criteria below:

  • Simple: avoid putting irrelevant pictures and videos on site. It is better to make it look simple/minimalist. Ask for help from experienced and qualified web designers if you need help to make your site look attractive and innovative.
  • Fast: to make your site load fast, use high quality web hosting service, like Avahost, Bluehost, iPage, etc. and remove flash animations. If you want to insert picture, resize it first.
  • Updated: your site’s contents have to be updated minimum once a week so your visitors and customers don’t feel lazy to visit your site.

Cooperate with the right marketing agency

To help you promote, advertise, and optimize your business, you are highly encouraged to cooperate with marketing agency. Choose reputable and reliable ones, such as: Dare To Be Social that is also known as the best Atlanta social media agency. This company offers a lot of marketing services to boost your sales rate, like branding, SEO, reputation management, live representation, design package, social media channel management, and many more.

Evaluate customer service staffs’ performance

Sometimes, most customers cancel their transaction because customer services don’t serve them well. The worst part is business owner will never know about it. Because of this, evaluate your customer service staffs’ performance in detail. Make sure that they serve all customers politely and fast. If you still doubt about their skills, give them opportunity to take customer service course that can make them better.

In addition, avoid giving sweet promises to customers if you cannot fulfill those, okay!

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