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honda big redWeekend shouldn’t be filled with work. Our brain needs to take a break so it can function excellently in the upcoming week. Now, after working hard for the past 5-6 days, what can you do to refresh your mind and body?

  1. Massage or spa
    Who don’t like being massaged? I love it very much. Massage lets your body relax and throws away your tiredness. You can stop thinking about the life burden temporarily, isn’t that great?
  2. Off road racing
    If peaceful weekend isn’t your favorite, try to register yourself at any of off-road racing. It suits you best because you love challenges. Go find out the nearest schedule and prepare your vehicle to join it.
  3. Family time
    You don’t need to go to Disneyland or dine in expensive restaurants. Family is the reason why you work hard. It’ll be bad if you don’t have time for them. There are a lot of things you can do at home, such as: gardening, cooking, watching DVD, playing PS, etc.
  4. (Windows) shopping
    Everybody loves shopping, including women. It keeps burdens and thoughts out of mind temporarily. Even, some people believe that shopping can heal anything. It can be groceries, clothes, jewelries, cars, books. Pick any of your favorite(s).
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ESE DirectWhen my father ran his business 20 years ago, he trusted an office supplies company, named Exceptional Service Everytime (ESE) Direct which was established in 1975. After he retired and handed over his business to me, he suggested me to remain trusting the company. Well, if you are a business owner who wants to buy high quality office supplies, trust ESE Direct. (more…)

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Phone 5 Screen ProtectorBasically, every touchscreen-based smartphone should be equipped by a screen protector in order to prevent scratches. How about yours? Have you equipped your iPhone 5 with a screen protector? There’s no excuse to refuse this because scratched screen can really make your frustrated. Moreover, you’ll be required to pay lots of bucks to get it repaired. (more…)

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happy shoppersNowadays, there are many offline stores that offer the same products. This makes business competition tighter. If you don’t offer value added, shoppers might feel unhappy to shop at your store, so you can have low sales rate continuously. To avoid getting this problem, make your customers happy. How? Offer special offers or discounts on weekends. Besides, follow several tips below: (more…)

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blue-uniformDo you just have an idea to start asking employees to use uniform? It’s really a good idea. Ask a staff to handle this plan. Ask him/her to find the best tailor that can create high qualified work uniform.

Don’t forget to determine home many types you want to order. It’s impossible just giving employees one clothes for working all week, right?

By the way, what are the benefits of work uniform? (more…)